Backyard BBQ Dresses

We're planning Cash's 3rd birthday party in our back yard complete with bouncy house, as many primary color balloons as I can fit in my car, and a carton character pinata - what toddler dreams are made of.

Phil and I always really enjoy having people over at our house and inviting our friends/family to celebrate pretty much anything we can think of. Eventually we'll probably have to go to chuck e. cheese or do some crazy screaming kid party, but while Cash still can't remember the names of his "friends" we can still use his birthday as the centerpiece for a party.

I actually spent a little time looking for some sort of kid play place with a restaurant/bar connected but for some reason could not ... someone needs to invent this!

Anyways, here is my favorite dress for a backyard BBQ - casual, comfy, and pairs with flats or wedges. (Side note: please don't wear stillettos to someone's outdoor house party. Or do, but I'll be talking about you. )

If anyone knows of kid-friendly AND adult-friendly birthday places, PLEASE share!! 


Easter Recap and Spending Holidays with Family


We hosted Easter at our house for the first time this year.  Easter is usually at Phil's parents, but for the first time in seven years we begged his parents come out to our house. The thought was that our house is kind of central to both sides of our family and we were trying to get everyone together at our house, but that didn't really work out...

Preparing for Easter!!

I read a daily devotional the other day that went something like this: Mary gave up her only son in preparation for Easter, and you probably bought new clothes.  Catholics are so good at the guilt!


We're preparing by putting together an Easter basket full of little toys, stuffing plastic eggs with candy, and getting Cash pumped for the big hunt. We dyed eggs, planned out the table settings, I tried on the Easter bunny costume and practiced walking in it a little bit. And yes, we bought new Easter outfits - I've even managed to get everyone semi-coordinating church outfits - Phil is going to be so embarrassed.

But the part of prep that I think is so genius:

Rolling with it - weekend recap and moving on

I had BIG ambitions for pictures this week which included posting a recap and photos from our (hopefully not) once-in-a-lifetime bucket list trip to The Masters in Georgia for which I had a few new golf outfits to link to, taking a photos of dresses for a post on Easter dresses under $50, and then finally starting a weekly Sunday church photo with Cash and Blaise. But unfortunately things did not go exactly as planned...

How do you know if he's the ONE?

Getting engaged is one of the first of big exciting moments in life... but it's also a little scary! How can you possibly know if this is the one?

5 reasons why I prefer day-drinking

We recently went out for a friends 30th Birthday brunch and Phil and I kept saying how much we liked day events over night time parties. As parents, the day drinking is SO MUCH BETTER. Here's why:

Always look like a winner...

"Regardless of how you feel, always look like a winner. Even if you are behind, a sustained look of control and confidence can give you their mental edge that results in victory."
-Diane Arbus
I read this quote in high school and it immediately stuck with me. I typed it out and printed a page that is still hanging in my childhood bedroom. And I 100% agree with it today.

13 miles, anyone?

A friend of mine somehow found me in a moment of weakness and I agreed to a half marathon with her a few months ago. Being someone who hates backing out of things, I signed up a couple of weeks ago and figured I would start running a few miles here and there as it started getting warmer...

Wedding Season!

Wedding season is just around the corner!

I always LOVE going to weddings; getting dressed up in formal wear, the dance floor, open bar, and of course seeing all of our friends! Since having kids, weddings have also become an extra special fun night away from the babies- which we definitely need every now and then!

Tips from a professional interviewer..

Okay maybe "professional" is not an accurate statement because I guess a professional interviewer would be the hiring manager in the HR department. But I've had a ton of interviews in my day and I really feel like I've gotten pretty good at it. Here are a few tips that I originally put together for my law school's student paper...

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